January 23, 2013

Why MTSPhysioNeedle?

What makes MTSPhysioNeedle Special?

MTSPhysioNeedle is the result of a partnership with Dr. Jan Dommerholt of Myopain Seminars (USA) in developing a needle that is solely for dry needling purposes. MTSPhysioNeedle is made of high grade surgical stainless steel from Japan with a stiffer needle shaft for intramuscular dry needling use. The high quality nature of the stainless steel requires no coating on the needle shaft, and still ensure smooth penetration into the muscles. Additionally, having a needle shaft with no coating makes it needle of choice for electro dry needling uses. The needle handle is also stainless steel and longer in length to allow for a firmer grip, increased dexterity and precision in needling.

MTSPhysioNeedle is packaged exclusively for dry needling. In fact, the logo was designed exclusively by clinicians with decades of experience in dry needling and a picture of the technique is shown on the front and back of the box. The box also has a size sticker label with two colours by the side to differentiate the diameter and length of needles for convenience in identification purposes. The needles also have different colour tabs on them to allow for easy visualization when the needles are out of their boxes.


Why use MTSPhysioNeedles?

MTSPhysioNeedle is developed solely for dry needling purposes with expert opinion contributed by Dr. Jan Dommerholt. Such a specially designed product is only useful when being used by clinicians who have undergone high quality training in the dry needling technique. As dry needling is an invasive technique, extensive research has been carried out to develop the most compatible product to support such technique both the United Arab Emirates and the regional gulf countries.

MTS focuses on the education subject of trigger point dry needling by creating innovative solutions that combine the most compatible products with internationally accredited professional training. Therefore, MTSPhysioNeedle is the obvious choice for dry needling technique and goes hand in hand with any dry needling education and training. Our mission is to create a network of experts locally, regionally and also internationally for the best innovative solutions meeting the ever-changing demands of healthcare to optimize outcomes in the field of pain management.

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